Banning of drones

Recently a news article on a local website stated that Derby City Council are banning drones from flying over any of the city's parks because "they're a nuisance" and/or a "privacy and security risk"

It’s this kind of mumbo-jumbo that annoys me!

lets start with privacy…

Today, i could go into the same parks with my Canon 5Dmkii with a super-duper telephoto lens and photograph objects/people/buildings without any worry from a council bod telling me to stop.

I could put a gopro on a kite and fly it across a park without any concerns while it films from high.

All of these methods are not banned by the council yet are capable to capturing the same “invasion of privacy” photos that a drone would capture so why is our hobby being banned?

Drone Alfreton Park

A nuisnace?…

This one I don’t know about. I guess the noise could be annoying but it’s hardly a nuisnace. Anyone ever been told they’ree flying of a drone is a nuisnace?

Security risk?…

Yes, a drone could be used to invesitage a security sensitive location but the thing with drones is they’re noisy little things so it’s not really very covert. The same as being accused of spying. You’ll notice that when someone has noticed a drone and they’re accusing the pilot of spying they only found out because they heard to craft in the air.


Claims that drones are dangerous are true but the risks are low if flown correctly. You probably have more chance to having an incident with a dog, football or a frisbee in a park than a drone (flown correctly and safely)

How do we protect our hobby?

We have to keep flying and keep flying legally. Not flying with 150m of a built up area, not within 50m of a person or vessel not within your control/command.

Drone looking over Cromford and Matlock, Derbyshire

Appeal to authorities to understand that we’re not bad people, not spying or doing anything wrong with our hobby. We’re just out there to have fun and see the world from a different perspective.

Councils and authorities (and old people) are unsure of what to do about this hobby so at the moment they’re blanket banning across the county without really thinking about it. we have to remain as calm as possible but argue with these people…ok not argue…discuss that we’ve got a good hobby that doesn’t do any harm when controlled properly.


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