A year that had major technology failures (Samsung Note 7, GoPro Mavic) causing major brands to have a hard time trying to rectify their awkward situations. The GoPro Mavic suffered from from long release date delays, to falling out of the sky, and then the inevitable recall, it’s not had a good time. They even tried to make sure the Karma’s were recalled by giving away free GoPro Hero5 Black action cameras to Karma owners to convince them to return them.

Karma will re-launch in 2017. GoPro withdrew Karma from the market in November 2016 after a small number of instances of power loss due to a mechanical issue related to securing the drone’s battery. GoPro is completing its testing, and in early February, will provide more detail for the global relaunch of Karma in 2017.


Is it worth coming back? I’d say DJi have grabbed that area of the market by the balls and, well…won. As brands go I admit that I am more biased to DJi for drone stuff. I have a GoPro and I like it but when the two companies launched their “pocket drones” my thoughts were “Nice DJi” and “GoPro made a drone???? why???”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome piece of kit, well was, but would you trust a company that made a faulty item (note it’s their first attempt at this item not like Samsung and their phones) to go up in the air again?

If they’re coming back I think they should come back with something bigger (not in size) and better and really try to shift the Karma reputation…but DJi have already won that market so why bother?

Just thoughts 🙂

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